Who We Are:
    We are a DIY music label that celebrates the many diverse styles of electronic music.
What We Do:
    We write all kinds of music using computers, keyboards and some other cool stuff.
Who Is On Our Label:
Abstract Audio Systems (Ambient electronics and organics)
Bonechurch (Dark ambient, darkhop, and noise)
Breaks The Blank Day (Improvised glitch and experimental, given away for free)
Melinoe (Harsh noise, HNW, static blast ugliness)
Puzleboy (Downtempo, dance and other genres)
Why You Should Care:
    We like this kind of music, so we think you might too.
Why Our Website Is So Cheesy:
    Our Bandcamp sites are completely badass, so we figured why spend the extra money?
    Click one of the links above and select an album. You can listen to full tracks, see cool graphics, and maybe even buy some stuff (fingers crossed).
    Seriously. Try it out and then try telling us we're not 100% right about this.
How You Can Contact Us:
    Email us here or click any of the links above, select an album, and then follow the "For all other inquiries, click here" link.